Translation of roguelike Unity3D tutorial for Godot engine with a little bit of my own touch added on the top. This is an intermediate tutorial.Yes, we'll cover quite a bit! (check the topics bellow)
covered topics
programmatic and sprite animations
instantiating, duplicating objects in real-time
singleton (auto-loaded) scripts and how to use them
board creation based on tiles without using the built-in TileMap node because it is limited regarding the physics simulation as you will see!
how to use Area2D for interactions between objects and how to restrict them based on collision masks
how to manage player and AI input seamlessly with the help of FSMs
using signals
a little bit of inheritance
yielding (freezing functions) and resuming, a very powerful technique!
working with the SamplePlayer and StreamPlayer and what are the differences between them
understanding the need for decoupling through observer and component systems for easier code maintenance
viewport stretching and window resizing
using simple controls and understanding their use