restack extension for Inkscape
Tue 25 October 2016 extensions inkscape python , 0 comments

Recently I needed a way to rearrange the order of objects in Inkscape, but I found there was no way to achieve this. I did find that there is this extension called Restack (it’s a quite old web page and might not be up to date). For more details there’s also this.

Anyway, the problem is that this extension is used to arrange object order, but it doesn’t have an option for randomly arranging objects. Lucky it was written in Python so I didn’t have to learn much in terms of coding, I poke at it and voila, I modified it for my needs!

Inkscape Restack2 extension Fig. 01. New Random entry in the Restack Direction parameter menu

You can grab the version I’m using here. It has the highly original name of… Restack2… and includes a new option in the dropdown menu in Restack Dimension called… Random …