UI and wrapping up , part #9 of godot-roguelike series
Sat 25 March 2017 2D Godot roguelike Unity3D , 0 comments

under construction

project download

Unfortunately, due to lack of time to prepare the written part of the tutorial I seem not to be able to complete this. I decided to upload the final zip project file for you to play with until I find the time co write about it. I hope it’s helpful and that the comments are clear enough so that it doesn’t seem to complex. I’d suggest you compare it with the project files from the previous page.

There are quite a bit of things changed compared to part 08 enemy AI controller and although it might not seem this way, this last part would be quite lengthy because of this and because I want to go over signals and the Observer pattern and signal/events in greater detail.

project files

So without any further ado, here are the project files for this last part of the tutorial series. And just remember, this doesn’t mean I’m dropping out the series, once I get the time to work on it I will finish it, thanks for your understanding!