Godot v2.1.1 RC2
Mon 31 October 2016 godot , 0 comments

Godot Andreas Esau mascot Fig. 01. Andreas Esau’s godot character for his tutorial series

The good peple of Godot are preapring to release v2.1.1 (RC2) which is full of crucial fixes and a few features here and there.

Preparing new builds from the stable 2.1 branch for an upcoming 2.1.1 (those builds would likely be RC2). I’d love some early feedback on them to ensure there is no obvious regression in the current 2.1 branch. Those binaries on GitHub are not packed as the official ones yet (will do tonight), but the tools binaries should be usable already on Linux, OSX and Windows.

As you can see they are ready to release it but first they want to test it (which can be found on their gihub godot-builds page) as to make sure no other bugs were introduced. Get on the hype train because Godot is THE community to be in now if you love FOSS and game development. The devs led by Juan Linietsky are making incredible progress towards v3 which will bring:

  • a complete rewrite of the 3D renderer
  • OpenGl 3 support
  • PBR rendering
  • a complete rewrite of the shader language
  • VR support
  • review of the 2D system (no more sprites, but textures on planes which should increase performance but also make certain things easier to achieve for the game dev.: like rotating stuff around pivots etc.)
  • and much much more