associate files with steam app (linux)
Thu 29 December 2016 linux steam , 0 comments

Steam powered Fig. 01. steam powered!

This is for linux users (tested with Ubuntu) as the title implies.

Alright, so some days ago I discovered that Blender can also be installed through steam, yeah… I know, I’m late to the party but oh well.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. When installing the app I selected the option to create a shortcut in the start menu (dash in my case since I’m using Ubuntu).

Now what this does under the hood is to create a .desktop file under $HOME/.local/share/applications, in my case it was $HOME/.local/share/applications/Blender 2.78.desktop since I’m using Blender v2.78. Blender is a pretty well known software by now and I thought, hey, why not have it open up files when double-clicking on them?… hm, but how to do it exactly? I mean Blender opens through steam …

Godot v2.1.1 RC2
Mon 31 October 2016 godot , 0 comments

Godot Andreas Esau mascot Fig. 01. Andreas Esau’s godot character for his tutorial series

The good peple of Godot are preapring to release v2.1.1 (RC2) which is full of crucial fixes and a few features here and there.

Preparing new builds from the stable 2.1 branch for an upcoming 2.1.1 (those builds would likely be RC2). I’d love some early feedback on them to ensure there is no obvious regression in the current 2.1 branch. Those binaries on GitHub are not packed as the official ones yet (will do tonight), but the tools binaries should be usable already on Linux, OSX and Windows.

As you can see they are ready to release it but first they want to test it (which can be found on their gihub godot-builds page) as to make sure no other bugs were introduced. Get on the hype train because Godot is …

restack extension for Inkscape
Tue 25 October 2016 extensions inkscape python , 0 comments

Recently I needed a way to rearrange the order of objects in Inkscape, but I found there was no way to achieve this. I did find that there is this extension called Restack (it’s a quite old web page and might not be up to date). For more details there’s also this.

Anyway, the problem is that this extension is used to arrange object order, but it doesn’t have an option for randomly arranging objects. Lucky it was written in Python so I didn’t have to learn much in terms of coding, I poke at it and voila, I modified it for my needs!

Inkscape Restack2 extension Fig. 01. New Random entry in the Restack Direction parameter menu

You can grab the version I’m using here. It has the highly original name of… Restack2… and includes a new option in the dropdown menu in Restack Dimension called… Random …

terminal batch rename (Linux)
Wed 15 July 2015 bash batch Linux , 0 comments
Mon 27 July 2015

My laptop is running Ubuntu 15.04 and lately I had to do some batch file renaming. No sweat, I searched online for a bit and found what I was looking for: the rename program written in Perl. Pretty cool (I said to my self), now I can do a bunch of renames super easily. But little did I know that on the machine (doesn’t run Ubuntu) I’m working at the office most of the time… there is no rename Perl program, there is a rudimentary rename program, but not satisfactory enough (and ancient as well for this era: written in 2000 as per it’s man page). Now the problems start…

Searching online, I found this nifty trick you can use with another (super Linux) program: sed. You can easily rename programs with the following (piped) commands:

ls {f_pattern} | sed 'p;s/{s_patternN}/{r_patternN}' | xargs -n2 mv …

super basic pandoc wiki-like thing
Fri 22 May 2015 , 0 comments
Tue 02 June 2015

To make this work we need some tools:

  • make to complie the thing: especially important for automating the process - sed to make some super basic index (table of contents)
  • pandoc to do… well all of the heavy lifting
  • github-pandoc.css to make the pages look less dull

As you can see there are not so many things we actually need in order to create quite a nice looking wiki-like static website which is perfect for creating and linking documents around at the expense of keeping everything very basic.

Bit first I’d like to start with a make tutorial because… well, I also had some hard time figuring things out and I guess it would be a good idea to put the findings somewhere…

make (a) mini-tutorial

make is a tool for automating the build process. It isn’t perfect, but it will make do (since I don’t really …